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BGA salvage

BGA Reclaim Service


bsolete designs...respins...fallout... There's a story behind every scrap assembly in the "bone pile." But what about the good parts on those boards? Send them to PSI for BGA removal and reball, and turn those components into good inventory!

PSI has been salvaging BGA and other array devices for over 25 years. Our facilities are ESD safe and precautions are taken to ensure proper handling and care. Prior to removal, boards are baked to remove moisture in accordance with established guidelines for handling of MSDs. During BGA sphere attach, thermal cycles are carefully monitored with regard to alloy and package characteristics. PSI inspects 100% of parts for exposed copper, cleanness, variations in sphere volume, solderability issues and package condition. Reballed parts are marked or dotted (or not) per your requirements, before we dry-pack your order for return shipment.


reclaim BGAs
At PSI your parts are in good hands!


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